The Snorkelboard®
a new way to 'sea life' with your head
above water

Sea Exploration Has Never Been so Easy

Introducing The Snorkelboard®, your personal body board fully equipped with embedded anti-fog goggles! With excellent flotation, stability, and ease of paddling, the Snorkelboard® enjoys a smooth entry line for maximum glide style. No longer will you have to worry about your mask filling up with water, blocking your view with fog or pressing up against the bridge of your nose. Gone are the days of re-breathing spent air left in your snorkel tube or interrupting your experience to equalize because, with the Snorkelboard® your head never touches the water!

This all-in-one thin, sleek design allows for easy storage and leaves carrying heavy equipment in the dust! Available in a wide range of designs and colours, your “at-the-beach-riding-waves-look-at-me” Snorkelboard® experience can be as personalized as you want.

Feature Board
Snorkelboard Features
  • Quality Construction, Made of High Density, Buoyant Foam
  • Sleek, Thin Lightweight Board is Easy to Carry
  • Surface is Easy to Clean
  • Embedded Leak-proof Goggles
  • Anti-fog technology For Hours of Crystal Clear Viewing
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • No expensive training, courses of licensing required
  • Affordable Pricing
"I was already an adult and still afraid of deep water. I thought that I would never feel confident enough to venture beyond two feet of water. The Snorkelboard changed that completely."
Leslie S.
"I can’t believe my young daughter had the confidence to go in the water at all! The Snorkelboard gave her the stability she needed to try snorkeling in deep water for the first time. It can now be a total family experience!"
Mario B.

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