About Us

The idea of the Snorkelboard was conceived by its owner, Murray W. Scott in 1998. While clearing his snorkel mask in Bermuda at Tobacco Bay Beach, he had a ‘eureka moment’. He noticed that when the mask was no longer on his head and placed on the surface of the water, he had a crystal clear view of the fish and coral beneath him. He thought that if the mask could be placed into a body board, he would no longer have to worry about his snorkeling experience being consistently interrupted by a leaky or fogged up mask. This was the birth of the Snorkelboard.

The Snorkelboard Factory Ltd manufactures markets and distributes Snorkelboards throughout the world. We make and sell a superior product desired not just for its functionality and ease of use but also for its uniqueness. We value our relationships with store chains, sole proprietors and individual customers, worldwide. We guarantee our product to be of the highest quality with efficient on-time deliveries no matter where they are in the world. Our commitment to our customers is second to none as we demonstrate excellent, fast and reliable service.

The Snorkelboard Factory Ltd thanks you for choosing Snorkelboard for your individual and family fun!